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In order to make this site as accurate as possible, I would like to ask any family members who have any additional information, corrections, or photographs to please submit as much as they can.  Send information or scanned photographs to


Wirth Family, mid 1920'sThe purpose of this site is to provide information about the Plasschaert and Wirth families and to give a glimpse of the past during the turn of the century.  More than 300 descendants have been found in the two families covering nearly 200 years.  Nearly 80 photographs of family members have been added to the site to give an added dimension to an otherwise impersonal list of names and dates.

The goal was to make the site as accurate as possible.  While most of the information contained herein is believed to be correct, mistakes can be made and therefore visitors to this site are asked to submit any information, corrections or additions to the family tree.  Photographs and historical accounts are also greatly appreciated.  Any information can be sent to and it will added as soon as possible.

Download the Family Tree

A PDF (portable document format) version of the family tree is now available. You can download this file, view it, and print it out so that you can show the information to people who do not have Internet access. Click here to download the file.

First Time Visitor to the Web Site?

If this is your first time visiting this site, I would like to welcome you and let you feel free to browse all of the sections of this site.  I invite you to read about all of the features of this site and how to navigate to the information you want to see.  To begin viewing the descendant trees, click here.

Completely Searchable Database

Is there anyone in this genealogy with my last name?  Who has a birthday in February?  How many marriages happened in Illinois?  With this site's up-to-date online database, these questions are easily answered.  At the top of each page is a box to enter any name (first, middle, or last) and search for individuals matching the name.  You can also use the Advanced Search to search for specific birth, marriage, or death dates and places, and many other types of searches.

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Special thanks to Elsie Mariman for providing a huge
amount of information necessary to create this site

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Plasschaert-Wirth Family Tree
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