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Descendant Trees
Descendant lines are available for three families: Plasschaert, Wirth, and Ver Cruysee. The family tree comes to these three points at its top-most (oldest) generation. Click on a name below to begin browsing the trees. When viewing the trees, clicking on a person's name will take you to another page with that person and his/her spouse at the top and their children listed below.
Peter and Barbara (Laniger) Wirth
Information in the Wirth family goes back to Peter Wirth. His two brothers Jacob and Bernhardt are also mentioned but no descendant lines are known. Peter was born probably around 1820 and died in 1890. Peter married Barbara Laniger and had a total of eleven children: two sons died in infancy and two daughters, Frances and Mary, died of diptheria during childhood.

William P. Wirth
Alexander and Mary (Windy) Plasschaert
Very little is known about the Plasschaert family before 1900. Alexander Plasschaert is the eldest known ancestor. He was born March 2, 1873 and died in 1952. His wife was believed to be Mary Mathilda Windy, born September 3, 1874. They had two sons, Phillip and Charles. The Plasschaert and Wirth trees merge when Charles married Mayme Wirth, a granddaughter of the Peter Wirth mentioned above.

Alexander Plasschaert
Henry and Prudence (Elslander) Ver Cruysee
The Ver Cruysee family tree merges with the other trees early on when William P. Wirth, a son of Peter Wirth, married Rosalie Ver Cruysee. The eldest known Ver Cruysee is Henry Charles Ver Cruysee, born in 1836. He married Prudence Florence Elslander in 1876. Henry was born in Belgium, Prudence in Holland. Both came to the United States in the 1870's.

Rosalie (Ver Cruysee) Wirth


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Plasschaert-Wirth Family Tree
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